Spring 2020 News

In 2017 we at the Prabhupada Research Institute for Integrative Medicine (PRIIMe) led a study that resulted in the publication of an article about the auspicious effects on heart health from audibly chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra just after a 20 minute training session on the simple technique of vibrating the Mahamantra with their own voice. (The reference for that publication is Damerla, V. R., Goldstein, B., Wolf, D., Madhavan, K., and Patterson, N. (2018). Novice Meditators of an Easily Learnable Audible Mantram Sound Self-Induce an Increase in Vagal Tone During Short-term Practice: A Preliminary Study. Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, Vol. 17-5, 20-28.
In the near future, PRIIMe is in the process of conducting more rigorous exploration at premier education Institutions in USA and India, expanding on the research that has already been conducted, on the effects of chanting the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra.
The blast off of the next phase of our research is happening in India first. Dr Damerla, a founder and Board member, is leading the study at the All India Institute for Medical Sciences and we could have another publishable study within 6 months, supporting the Maha Mantra as a therapeutic intervention. We have the computers, the measuring devices, the travel ticket, the training manual, the legal agreements, the protocol, and the good will. We need just 3000 US dollars more to get the project started in April, while I visit India to train the staff. This is not much compared to all that has been put in for this to date but it is what we need to make this happen now.
It would be a huge service at this potent timing when people are waking up to science and spirituality coming together, to help manage stress and mindset to a level where there is heart/mind harmony and clarity through better heart to brain connection.
Our project will answer the following question: Does the ancient Vedic practice of Audible Mantra Repetition by lay people beneficially impact Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and the functionality of the brain, necessary for proactive well being and health?
The concrete deliverable of this research if the hypothesis is validated, is to develop an app with a sensor to detect effects of one’s own voice vibrating a Mantra on heart rate variability providing instant guidance on effectiveness of one’s practice of mantra meditation.
Precise application of simple meditation practices daily can improve its impact on personal and global spiritual wellness, by lowering stress and many harmful processes which lead to heart disease, stroke, cancers, depression, anxiety and diabetes.
Time is short! Funds are needed urgently for the funding the study investigating this effect among at least 40 people in India and later 40 people in the USA. If results are favourable Maha Mantra Repetition can be promoted as a prescription by health professionals and schools worldwide.
We welcome any amount above ten dollars but we recommend that by donating 70 dollars, you sponsoring one volunteering study participant in India chant the Mahamantra for 30 minutes daily for one month. The more you give, the easier it will be for us to focus on this important work as once the participant fees are covered we also need to pay the Researcher and Staff in India, pay for office support and materials, and later repeat the study in the USA.
As the Principal Investigator of Audible Mantra repetition studies in USA and India, I am humbly appealing to one and all to donate for the larger cause of advancing global health through the method Srila A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and other sages of India have selflessly taught for centuries. I think it would be such a blessing to anyone with funds to give such a potent tax deductible donation for such important work. Also if you know anyone who would like to donate, any amount, they can send it via Paypal, directly to our 501c3 nonprofit here: PriimeMeditationStudies@gmail.com (please cut and paste to avoid typos as it goes directly into the PRIIME account). If they need an invoice our team would be happy to send it, as well as sending a 501c3 Donation receipt. Thanking you, Yours respectfully Venugopal Damerla MD ABIHM ABOIM

Fall 2019 News

Collaboration is confirmed for a much larger international research study w AIMS, All India Institute for Medical Science in Hrishikesh, the Bhakti Center in Manhattan and a wonderful team in Upstate New York for a much larger study on Audible Mantra Meditation beginning after the new year, 2020. We are currently undergoing fundraising to make it happen.
Past achievements – Published paper last Fall; also the completion of a test study on the brain of a known saint using Loreta (3D Low-Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography), in August.  Multiple opportunities to teach and share research around India, Israel, USA, Canada, and Aruba since the founding of PRIIMe. Foundations included sharing other Meditation  Research regularly 2007-2009 at weekly meetings at Tulane University in New Orleans, including the work of Mind-Life Institute.
Other news in the Scientific Study of Meditation around the world- New York Public Schools has a statewide full-time employee as their mindfulness coordinator, Mr. Khalsa.  He was formerly an Art Teacher for the state of NY and primarily focuses on sharing the well researched/published/proven to uplift practices of Kundalini Yoga to the children of NY public school to help them with self-regulation and to live up to their full potential.  It is only with solid academic research that this level of integration of ancient and powerful meditation techniques can happen to help to heal and elevate consciousness on the planet.

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Remarkable progress continues to be made at lightning speed with our fabulous team,

Effects of Audible Chanting on Parasympathetic Tone

This is a preliminary study, but the results are fascinating.

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