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"Health isn't absence of disease but a state of harmony between body and spirit that allows the flow of infinite consciousness to flow unconditionally."


Who We Are

We are a team that strives to bridge science & spirituality, bringing ancient teachings that people rely on and researching if they are scientifically valid. We also teach scientifically-proven ancient wisdom to benefit you, your family and the world.
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 Ongoing Research

We focus our research on ancient Vedic meditations, to look to their specific physiological impact to see if they can be potentially be prescribed by the medical community.

Here is a list of partners and where our work is being shared.

Latest News

We are continuously working towards expanding our research and integrated treatment offerings. Click here for info on coaching, travel, teaching, research and our newsletter.

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Become a Key Supporter!

Our self funded and groundbreaking research paper was published in record time and received extensive positive results. As of November 2019, it is now accessible via Pub Med.

If you feel called to be a part of this amazing work you can contribute.  Financial support helps so that things like the website, research equipment, and research participants don’t have to be paid for out of pocket. It can enable our researchers to accomplish more, as we invest our time in getting grants to allow for full time researchers and much larger studies.  Donations of your time and skills are also welcome.

Your support is critical to our ability to continue to research the link between science and spiritual teachings on human health and development. And your donations are deeply valued and tax deductible.

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