Spring Newsletter

Remarkable progress continues to be made at lightning speed with our fabulous team, as we strive to bridge the communication pathway between the scientific and spiritual communities.  Our mission is to show where the wisdom of the ancient spiritual tradition of the Vedas can be scientifically proven and used for the benefit of humanity and our initial focus is Mantra Meditation; something people have passionately practiced for thousands of years but is only very recently being studied scientifically as to it’s physiological effect. Our strategic plan then maps how to apply what benefits can be proven from these ancient practices, into educational initiatives that are utilizing the best of technology and the most cutting edge 2nd tier integral management structures. We consider that we are unearthing a hidden treasure, that only now can begin to be seen by the scientific community.

Our first point of major focus is on the healing impact of the Maha Mantra Meditation. After completing our first batch of research on the Maha Mantra in the fall of 2017, our research was published in the 2018 Oct/Nov issue of IMCJ and is now available on Pub Med.  To be able to have such clear and remarkable results and get published so quickly is an amazing achievement that is quite unheard of in the field. You can find it here: IMJournal and here: HeartMath.  We are currently working towards a multi-location study of 200 people to deepen this research on the Maha Mantra and it’s impact on improving Vagal Tone, and thus it’s impact increasing resilience and decreasing inflammation.

Over the summer we presented this research all over India and in March of this year, Dr. Gopal travelled to Hrishikesh, to present at the First World Conference on Cardiology and Meditation and met with some prominent leaders in the field who are very excited about PRIIMe’s work.

In September we returned to the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine conference in San Diego, where several years ago we had presented  our analysis of the initial Maha Mantra research of Dr David Wolf to both the general community and to leaders in the VA Medical Center, so this meditation can be used to help Veterans who suffer from PTSD.  (See chart)

Last October, we taught a 3 day seminar in Alachua, Florida called “Why Wait Until It’s Too Late?” where we discussed how to take control of your health before chronic issues arise. We also offered free private health coaching to members of the spiritual community there.)

A financial assessment has been completed and the Goldstein and Damerla family have invested about $70,500 in this research and establishing  PRIIMe as a non profit to date. That number is only growing as we build the website, hire a data analyst and require expensive biometric equipment for our next exciting study on the brain of a long term, deep and focused chanter and comparing it to that of a novice chanter of the Maha Mantra.   In addition to working full time as a Primary Care Physician for the VA, Dr. Gopal has also diligently worked as the founder, funder and head research for PRIIMe.) This spring we are embarking on exciting new research, involving studying the brain of a living Vaisnavi Saint. Ananda and Dr. Gopal continue to personally invest in PRIIMe so as to continue this groundbreaking research, however other sources of funding are needed to propel this project forward quickly and smoothly. We hope you will consider making a tax deductible donation to PRIIMe if you are able.

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