Coaching and classes are available with our staff, both online and on site. Classes taught to date include:

– Why wait until it is too late? A weekend workshop on self care.

– A 6 week online health workshop for those over 40

– Presentations on the Maha Mantra Research

– Weekend trainings on Relational Leadership and Conscious Communication as a form of Intersubjective Meditation.

What is Holistic Care?

Health is often regarded as the absence of a diagnosable organ or psychological disease.
In ancient systems of knowledge, such as Ayurveda, an etiology-based approach is taken against disease, aiming at the root cause of a body imbalance–unlike the damage-based model of the current biomedical system which aims at symptom care.
Full wellness, we believe, is more than than the latter; it is the presence of a state in which we regain a sense of control of ourselves and interact harmoniously to experience authentic self, wellness, and even higher power.
On a relational level, an ability to express compassion for others is a significant measure of well-being. The capacity for the mind to hold concern for others in moments of crisis, suffering, and pain has deeply been overlooked by the medical community as a determinant of one’s health.
Our work seeks to understand, research, and incorporate health supportive practices to address this gap.

Areas of Focus

• Researching medicine and diet regulation techniques embedded in Ayurvedic knowledge.

• Researching the effects of reductionist philosophy on healthcare outcomes.

• Clinical trials incorporating whole systems of medicine into current strategies or prevention and medical treatments, when complimentary.

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