COVID-19 is a pandemic currently ravaging almost every country in this world and as of 6th April 2020, over 1.3 million people have been infected and nearly 72,700 deaths have occurred. We, at the Prabhupada Research Institute for Integrative Medicine (PRIIMe), have compiled this handbook from various sources online and print material. We believe that this handbook would be a good manual in the hands of our learned devotees. This handbook summarizes some of the most important scientific material regarding the pandemic and the coronavirus. The handbook also lists the possible methods to keep ourselves aware and safe during this pandemic so that we may protect our family, friends, devotees, and in particular the vulnerable section of the society and the Hare Krishna community. While it is imperative to follow the CDC guidelines for washing hands, sanitizing all frequently used articles such as mobile phones, chanting beads, wearing masks and social distancing, it would also be beneficial to learn about the pandemic as well as preventive measures which can be easily adopted to avoid
contracting this disease.

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