We are a small collective of people who feel strongly that Science and Spirituality work best by informing each each other for the benefit of humanity.
To many meditation feels like magic.  However we do not support sentimentalism or magic,  we support rigorous science that is informed by the heart and ancient wisdom traditions.
We believe that the next generation of scientific research can and should be directed towards understanding how to help the survival of both the human race and the planet by studying spiritual technologies that have the potential to raise consciousness.
Why should the main research, only be the kind that promotes selfish goals, isn’t it time we put our time, energy, money and attention onto technologies that are more liberating and bring us together in higher consciousness, if that is possible?
 How about doing research that helps to repair the world? We believe that our best step forward to look into spiritual practices that people allegorically observe as useful and helpful and then studying them with rigorous science to see if they are truly helpful.
In the West there tends to be a strong split between science and spirituality, between rigorous Science and matters of the heart and faith.
In India this split in not so present, some of the best and most accomplished scholars are also deep practitioners of Vedic Wisdom. We hope to heal this rift in the west by sharing and teaching ancient wisdom that has been proven to be helpful and healing. And bring forth new research that offers new levels of illumination, insight, healing of this rift and resources for the benefit of humanity. We hope to show that the historical context of the mechanistic world view that has been prevalent in Western culture can continue to shift to include less reductionist views and open scientific study to a broader context of exploration.
One of the areas that a holistic perspective to science can be explored is in the bodily response to sound and movement. Much like a musical instrument, the effects of sound and movement for the body can have an impact on an individual’s perspective and response to the world.
Publication of our research in IMCJ.
To this end, our first piece of research suggests strongly that the ancient Maha Mantra increases Vagal Tone and can help with cultivating resilience and reducing inflammation published here.
We are working on getting a much larger scale study on this material going in Mumbai over the coming year.
Our next piece of research is looking into the brain of a Vaisnava Saint and the impact of chanting this Mantra. 
The Vedas and many Yogic texts speak about mantras as a form of medicine.  But the Maha Mantra is a very special mantra, this mantra is not just a run of the mill mantra to cure a specific ill or to open a particular psychic portal or potency like many mantras are said to be able to do. This mantra is called the ‘Maha Mantra’ and is said to descend from the Spiritual World and have a very special impact on the consciousness of the humans who chant it with focused attention.
Science does not recognize a spiritual world of course, but it can be used to look at the impact of this mantra.  And this is what we are doing, and strive to do from many different angles.
We have decided for our next study to focus on a person who has been chanting for almost 50 years, and is recognized by many to be a living Saint.  She credits her receipt of this ‘mercy’ to this chanting of the Maha Mantra. So we have decided to look into her brain both before and after chanting and to compare it to the brain of someone who has just begun the chanting process, before and after.  We will look to see what parts of the brain are stimulated so that we can get a clearer picture of how this mantra can be used medicinally as a prescription.
We already know based on the earlier research of Dr. David Wolf that this mantra elevates a person in a highly personalized way.
So it may take someone sluggish and bring them to greater activity and intensity of focus.  Whereas it may take someone with greater intensity of focus and bring them to calm, focus and a deeper sense of purpose.  
We also have ongoing health seminars and workshops bringing forth the best of East and West, with cutting edge research to support it to increase longevity, health, healed relationships and spiritual development in those over 40.   
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