To investigate through methods of science the causal connection or correlations, if any, between a reductionist and materialistic view of allopathic therapy and   the current health crisis the humanity is facing.
To explore the therapeutic value of alternative and holistic approaches to human wellness, more particularly the guidance offered in the ancient Vedic techniques, which had been historically in vogue through the millennia of maintaining wellness based on a view of a human personality as an integral complex viz, body, mind and soul.
To investigate the wellness value and benefits of various meditational techniques, including specific mantra meditation, and the potential for incorporating them into a system of integrated preventive and corrective therapy for restoration of wellness.
To spread awareness of alternate integrative approach and techniques for promoting human wellness to the public at large at the local community, national and global levels by organizing educational events for health professionals and public, publishing investigative research reports and findings, publishing books, newsletters and magazines, seminars and conventions.
To establish human wellness promotion centers where therapy includes a combination of preventive, corrective and palliative therapy incorporating time tested or research tested holistic techniques including spiritual thought technologies.
To promote the unique contribution of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, (1896-1977), who boldly asserted that human wellness cannot be divorced from or be considered apart from spiritual wellness and advocated an integrated approach to solve all problems, particularly wellness of the human condition.
"It was then clear to me that awakening a spiritual awareness within myself through my chanting practice was itself a key aspect of my own health. Without it, I was in a diseased state. Some years later, we are now conducting clinical experiments to find out why, how, and when that is so."
Dr. Venugopal Damerla
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